Step 1 - Contact your Advisor 

Should you as a client express dissatisfaction with regard to advice or services provided by an agent, you may contact your advisor or agency listed on your statements and notices. Once an agent or agency receives such complaints from a client, they must advise the Barrington Wealth Partners of all complaints.

Step 2 – Client Service Department of the Insurance Carrier

If you are unable to obtain a satisfactory response after completing Step 1, then please contact the client service department of the Insurance Carrier and bring up your concerns. The Insurance Carrier will then contact the MGA, Barrington Wealth Partners Inc. and we will help resolve the concerns with the client and agent involved.


You can also contact us, Barrington Wealth Partners Inc. with your complaint and we will involve both the Advisor and Carrier. Please complete the boxes below and our Compliance Officer will be in touch with you shortly. 



Step 3 – Ombud Service for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI)

If all of the previous steps have failed and the problem still persists, you may forward a written request for review by the Ombud Service for Life and Health Insurance.

Ombud Service for Life and Health Insurance Telephone: 1-888-295-8112


Please note that when requesting a review, you must provide a copy of all correspondence sent and received in the scope of the previous steps. All information exchanged during the course of the mediation process will remain strictly confidential.