Leo has more than 30 years experience in the underwriting community helping producers package cases for the best underwriting decision. His experience includes working for a major reinsurance company where he was responsible for underwriting operations in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

Following that, Leo’s career involved working directly with producers, their clients, and advisors to resolve complex underwriting challenges; not only from a medical and financial underwriting perspective, but also with respect to avocation, foreign travel, and other risk factors.

Leo’s involvement at point of sale results in better underwriting decisions and has helped greatly in placing rated cases. He strongly believes that the best time to impact an underwriting decision is at the beginning of the process so that the client can be presented most favourably. He is a frequent speaker at industry events. Through his company, Innovative Underwriting Inc., Leo provides access to the U.S. and Bermuda markets on cases that are very highly rated or uninsurable in Canada, especially with respect to the older age market, foreign travel, and other scenarios surplus to the Canadian market.

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If you are interested in having Leo Penney involved in your case, please have your client sign the pertaining carrier authorization form:

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