Q.  What carriers are not excepting paramedicals?

A.   Sunlife, Canada Life and Manulife   (It is also by province as well)

       ExamOne just closed.   March 24th


Q.  What is an essential service in the coronavirus crisis?

A.  Here is what will stay open in Ontario where under Financial Activities

"Capital markets, credit unions, insurance businesses, businesses that provide pension and employee benefits services, and businesses that provide financial services."



Pod Cast by Milan Topolovec

Inner Orbis - Interview with the founder on today's Covid - 19 and helping clients through this confusing time. 



Underwriting concerns from Leo Penney

Just spoke with an underwriter about a decline that made no sense on one of our cases. I thought it should have been 200%, which is what Manu would have rated except he had been declined within the past year by TD. I'm told Karen Cutler, their chief underwriter, just issued a directive that any case that has been declined by another carrier within the past year will now be declined by Manu during the covid19 epidemic. 

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