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1. Scanned paper applications are acceptable at this time but be ready for delays (online is preferred method)

2.  IA is not accepting physical cheques as they don’t have any workers to deposit them at the bank.

     They suggest sending payments online for in force or setting up PAC using PAC form & VOID cheque

Inforce online bank payment example:

Payee: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services

Reference number: VIpolicy number (the second letter is i) :

example: VI0493480693


3.  Submit all applications, they will look at everything and try to issue.   In some cases they will issue with extra premium and when paramedicals are available again, clients can reapply for a better rate,  if successful premium       will be refunded.




COVID-19: Focus on non-face-to-face sales

Since your health and that of your clients is paramount to us, we recommend that you focus on non-face-to-face sales. iA Financial Group, therefore, asks that you encourage telephone or videoconference meetings using Skype and Zoom. A user guide is now available for you below.


  • Age and face amount available with NO medical exams
    • Life insurance: 0-50 years, up to $1 million
    • Critical illness insurance: 0-50 years, up to $200,000

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