Advisors must fulfill all obligations to clients’ whether the application is completed in person or non-face-to-face.

You must also comply with Provincial licensing requirements in all Provinces in which you conduct business activities.

BMO Insurance

BMO Insurance Smart App can be done Face-to-Face or Non-Face-to-Face. BMO has approved on a temporary basis the Face-to-Face Life application (126E) on a non-face-to-face basis for ALL products. All applications can be scanned and emailed to your MGA for processing.

The advisor can deliver policy placing documents to the client Non-Face-to-Face provided BMO is provided with a scanned copy of the signed delivery receipt.

BMO will only accept payments by Pre-Authorized Debit and Credit Card (for annual payments only).

Canada Life

Paper applications can be mailed to and signed by client (subject to NF2F rules). TIA or conditional insurance is not available for NF2F applications.

You can mail the policy and placing documents to your client and, wherever possible, leverage Skype or similar Technology to walk through the contract when you aren’t able to meet with a client in person. Client can then mail or email / PDF the placing documents to you and you can send to your MGA for processing. Credit card payment available if using Simple Protect and one-time EFT for initial premium available for policy settling using the PAD form.

Canada Protection Plan

Desjardins Insurance

It is recommended the policy be delivered in person. If that is not possible, it must be delivered via registered mail / courier (with ‘signature required’) to evidence the delivery.

Desjardins recommends for the client to complete a PAD instead of issuing a personal cheque. A PAD can be scanned and submitted for processing.

Empire Life

If the policy cannot be delivered in person, advisor to provide a follow up call to review the policy and the policy delivery receipt. Delivery receipt must be witnessed and signed by an independent 3rd party. Witness must be physically present during the owner / insured signing. Documents CAN be scanned and emailed to the MGA.

Equitable Life

At delivery time, if the advisor cannot personally deliver the policy then it must be sent via registered mail or courier to ensure tracking and confidentiality. The advisor will need to call the client and explain what they will be sending, arrange a time to speak to go through it and let the client know that this review needs to happen before the policy is inforce. The package is to include the policy owner confirmation of Insurance Policy Delivery form (form 1523). Scanned documents are accepted.

For paper application settling Equitable will accept a scanned PAC or online payment for an annual premium.

Foresters Financial

iA Financial

Paper applications and settling documents can be scanned and emailed.


Witness signatures on settling documents must be witnessed by a person with no interest in the application for insurance being applied for and who is not related to the proposed insured(s) or the policy owner(s). Please read NF2F memo on UL non face-to-face sale and identity verification.

Policy settling documents can be scanned and emailed.

Manulife Financial

Although you can mail the application and forms to your client for completion, on the attached notice, Manulife requires original signatures on application forms and cannot accept faxed signatures. We ask that the brokers hold on to the originals but no need to mail the originals at this time. Please indicate in the Advisor’s Report in the application if this is a non-face-to-face application.

If required, you can send the policy by Registered Mail / Courier to your client. When the client receives the documentation, arrange for a telephone call to ensure your clients understands the documents and what needs to be signed/returned to you, includes a premium cheque and PAD form (if required).

RBC Insurance

Policies that have no delivery requirements, advisors may deliver the policy by registered mail. Policies that are issued with settling requirements, the advisor may send a copy of the delivery requirements to the owner / insured for completion, then deliver the policy by mail once the completed requirements have been received.

SSQ Insurance

The use of scan applications and signatures now allow you to do non face to face meetings. Life insurance and investment applications with a handwritten signature that are then scanned must be forwarded as follows:

  • Investment applications must be submitted via our secure website for advisors.
  • Life insurance applications must continue to be submitted via your agency.

For documents to be accepted, we ask that you use the fillable PDF version available in the illustration software. Make sure all handwritten text and signatures remain legible once scanned. There is no need to send us the originals, we simply ask that you keep them in your files.

Sun Life Financial

Scanned copies of applications are accepted.