The situation with COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Your support team at Sun Life has and will continue to compile useful resources where you can access the latest information. You'll find news that can affect your business, useful articles to share with your Clients and various resources to check regularly and stay updated.

Fillable and savable Rapid App PDFs available on Advisor Site:


May 7th 2020: Extended TIC and broader access to Sun CII without lab requirements

April 13th 2020: e- Signature – List of Accepted Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Fund Documents

April 8th 2020: Sun Life Lumino Health

April 7th 2020: Help even more Clients with Accelerated Underwriting 

Now, more than ever, you need ways to help your Clients. We’re here to help. Effective immediately, you can offer Accelerated Underwriting to more Clients – making applications easier and faster.   

In September 2019, we introduced Accelerated Underwriting, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify whether Clients need lab work. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this technology is more important than ever.  It allows us to continue to underwrite your Clients even while paramedical appointments are suspended.  

Effective immediately, Accelerated Underwriting is available to even more Clients.  

·         Accelerated Underwriting is now available for  

o    Clients ages 18-40 applying for $500,000 to $2,000,000 (previously amounts up to $1,000,000) 

o    Clients ages 41-50 applying for $250,000 to $1,000,000 (previously up to age 40) 


Here’s how it works 

Underwriting requirements aren’t updated in Sun Life Illustrations yet. For eligible Clients, follow these steps: 

·         Request a tele-interview for Clients. 

·         We’ll order the tele-interview. 

·         If we need labs after the tele-interview, we’ll order those too. Unfortunately, we cannot do this until paramedical appointments resume. 

·         No matter what, we’ll keep you updated along the way. 

Preferred rates will delay the application processing indefinitely 

As of September 2019 preferred rate classes 1, 2 and 4 are not available to Clients ages 18-40 applying for $500,000 to $1,000,000.  

Clients can still apply for preferred rates for other ages and face amounts. However, applications for preferred rates require lab work. Applications will be delayed until paramedical appointments resume.  

To learn more check out our Accelerated Underwriting webpage and our Accelerated Underwriting FAQ. 










Sun Life

Effective immediately (March 24th, 2020), policy contracts and settlement documents will be posted into the Advisor Site for the advisor to pick up and then distribute to their clients.  Please also note that the advisor can submit the scanned documents back to Sun Life through the Advisor Site.  

  • Currently building a Covid-19 Support Page on their Advisor Site to continuously place updates.
  • They kindly ask that all trade requests and/or settlement documents be sent via fax to their processing team at 1-855-247-6372.
  • Medical requirement collection currently halted.

To read more about what's happening at Sun Life, please click this link for their e-bulletin (March 19th, 2020)