Manulife Investments Client Signature Requirements: 

    1. This reference clarifies when client signatures are needed for Segregated Fund and GIC business.
    2. Manulife provides the option in many specific instances where an advisor can indicate the date and time of client contact (‘DTCC’) for authorization in lieu of a signature.
    3. This PDF is also available on RepSource.

Signature Required Report

Dual Method Identification Form NN1663 (English & French): 

    1. This is an available approach to address challenges with original proof of identity requirements when onboarding new clients for Segregated Fund business in non-registered policies.
    2. Anti-Money Laundering (‘AML’) requirements are critical for non-registered policies only.
    3. Registered policies are exempt from AML requirements, so non-face to face interactions (e.g. video conferencing) are not an issue.
    4. For existing clients that are opening another policy, advisors can feel comfortable signing the policy application form without the additional NN1663 given they would have in the past met the proof of identity requirements.
    5. For net-new clients opening non-registered policies, the Manulife application form specifies that the ‘original’ proof of identity item has been personally examined by the advisor – This means a photocopy of a driver’s license or seeing the driver’s license via video-chat is not sufficient.
    6. This separate form is referenced in the application form wording:

“If you do not have a valid document, or cannot meet your representative in person, submit a completed NN1663E, Dual Method Identification.”

    1. The work-around that is immediately available to offer advisors here is as follows: 
    2. The separate ‘Dual Method Identification’ form (NN1663) can be completed by the advisor;
    3. This would require the client to include documents acceptable under this method (please see these listed in Section #4) when mailing back their competed application form to the advisor (for example:  municipal Notice of Assessment to verify name/address + auto insurance document to verify name/DOB);
    4. These additional documents do still need to be originals (not photocopies) when sent to the advisor – They do not need to be submitted to Manulife.
    5. The advisor can then submit the completed/client-signed application form along with the completed NN1663

NN1663 English

NN1663 French


Secure Email Acceptance – As Barrington has a TLS-encrypted email domain, signed IGO forms can be sent via email as PDF attachments from our office. 

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