When paying your Inforce Premium, go to your online bank and "Add Payee"

Search the following payee name and add your policy details.


Payee: BMO Life Assurance

Account number: 811policy number (no dash, no space)

Premium Amount


Payee: Manulife Individual Insurance

Reference Number: ILCpolicy number (no dash, no space)

Premium Amount


Payee: Canada Life Premium

Reference Number: Policy number

Premium Amount


Payee: Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services

Reference number: VIpolicy number (the second letter is i) :

example: VI0493480693

Premium Amount


Payee: Sun Life

Enter lipolicy number as your policy number – (no dash, no coma)

example: lil7232943

Premium Amount


Payee: IVARI

Policy Number:

Premium amount



1. Online bill payment - Your client can pay their annual premium easily and quickly by using the online bill payment option through their financial institution. On your client’s banking website, they must set up “EQUITABLE LIFE-INDIVIDUAL LIFE & CI” as a “PAYEE”. Use the 9 (or 7) digit policy number as the “account number” then pay this new “bill”. This is the preferred option for annual payments.  

   2. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) - For policies where annual premiums are above the online bill payment threshold of your client’s financial institution, your client now has the additional option of an annual PAD payment. Your client needs to provide a signed PAD authorization form, or a signed letter of direction that indicates they have read and agree to the terms of the PAD. This is a one-time authorization and needs to be repeated for subsequent annual payments.  

   3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Wire Transfer - If online bill payment or a one-time PAD will not meet your client’s needs, such as when transferring funds from another financial institution or business to Equitable Life, then an EFT is now an option that is available. A wire transfer is available on an exception basis only and is subject to approval.  


Online payment instructions:


To make a payment via “online banking” the Client / Company will need to sign into their chosen Online Banking Provider and add a new payee through their bill payment screen.


Enter “RBC Life Insurance” and click SEARCH. Select RBC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY – INDIVIDUAL as the new payee and enter policy number as the account number.


Financial institutions currently participating in Online Banking:



TD/Canada Trust


Bank of Montreal

Caisse Populaire Desjardins (QUE)