Empire - Grace PeriodExtention from 31 days to 60 Days

Policy owners wishing to request a Grace Period extension should call Empire Life Customer Service at 1-800-561-1268 to make the request.

Equitable Life - Once the 31-day Grace Period has expired, the policy owner has a further 30 days in which the policy can be reinstated by making a payment of the overdue premiums. The insured person must be alive at the time of reinstatement.  For more informations see https://advisor.equitable.ca/advisor/en/news/COVID-19-Premium-payment-flexibility-within-existi

Manulife -

  • From now until June 30, 2020, for individual insurance policies (includes life and living benefits) that were issued prior to March 1, 2020 and upon client request due to financial hardship created by the coronavirus, we will extend the grace period to 90 days for those products that have a grace period less than that.Note that grace periods vary by product, but most are 30 days in length. If a product currently has a grace period longer than 90 days, as outlined in the customer’s contract, then the longer grace period will prevail. Note that this applies to both individually owned and corporately owned policies.
  • During the grace period, the policy continues (is still in force).   
  • Premiums are being deferred (not waived) and need to be paid by the premium payment date extension for a policy to continue. In the event a policy lapses after the expiration of the grace period, then a policy holder will have to reinstate their policy (login required).  
  • The client has to make the request and prove hardship. The client must confirm which of the following reasons, if any, apply:
  • illness/quarantine,
  • a lay-off or job loss,
  • absence from work due to fulfilling caregiver needs of a child or family member with COVID-19, or
  • other financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Canada Life - Deferred 90 days.   Email your reason why (job loss, etc) for premium deferred to CANINDSERV@canadalife.com

Sunlife - During cv19, Sunlife is willing to defer payments for existing policies up to 90 days. 

BMO -  BMO Insurance is committed to the well-being of you, and your clients, during these challenging times. Many will face financial difficulties as we work together to minimize the effects of COVID-19. To help, we are introducing a Premium Deferral Program for eligible policyowners. 

How it works
The program applies to BMO Insurance individual term life, whole life, universal life and critical illness policies. Policyowners may request a 90-day deferral of their premiums if they are experiencing financial hardship due to:

  • COVID-19 related illness or quarantine 
  • Job loss (temporarily or permanently)
  • Unpaid leave of absence to take care of family member(s) 
  • Business disruption

This temporary measure may be requested on policies issued on or before March 13, 2020.

The program will be available until May 31, 2020. For more details, please read this [FAQ].

To inquire about the Program, policyowners can contact our Client Services department by email (insurance.clientservices@bmo.com) or phone (1-800-387-4483).


Ivari -

This program applies to all products where the policy was issued on or before March 15th, 2020. This premium deferral option will be available until
July 1st, 2020.

Currently, all policies allow clients a 31-day grace period for premium payments. Under this program, we are extending the grace period to allow policy owners to request a premium deferral of up to 91 days if they are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of COVID-19 and related to: 

  • Illness 
  • Job loss (permanently or temporarily laid-off) 
  • Unpaid leave to care for a family member
  • Business interruptions 

Important! We will work with universal life policyowners to ensure their existing premium holiday option is used before the premium deferral option if they are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of COVID-19.  

All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
To make a request in writing, policy owners must contact Client Services at conversation@ivari.ca
Email requests must include the following policy owner information: 

  • Policy number(s)
  • Name(s)
  • Phone number(s) 
  • How COVID-19 has negatively impacted their financial situation (i.e. COVID-19 related illness, job loss, unpaid leave or business interruptions) 

Policy owners can also call us at 1-800-846-5970 to provide the above information. Our Call Centre is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to
7:00 p.m. ET. 

SSQ - Our teams are analyzing each situation on a case-by-case basis. For this purpose, do not hesitate to contact our Client Services at 1-800-565-4550 or via email at clientservices@ssqinsurance.ca

Desjardins - Deferred 90 days.   Must have valid reason why.

IA -

Until May 31, 2020, clients can contact our customer service to request a 90-day premium deferral. This support is available to clients, including business owners, who are experiencing financial hardship resulting directly from the COVID-19 pandemic due to any of the following:

  • Illness/quarantine;
  • Layoff or job loss;
  • Absence from work to care for child(ren) or a family member with COVID-19.

This exceptional offer is available to all holders of life, critical illness, disability and accident insurance policies issued on or before March 15, 2020. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ. We will update it on a regular basis.


Foresters -   If your clients are affected by COVID-19 and experiencing financial difficulties, please have them email Foresters Financial at paymentsupport@foresters.com.
Foresters will work directly with them on a plan that works best for their situation.



If your clients have an individual life or living benefits plan, or an individually billed GSI policy, and are
experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, RBC Insurance® will allow them
to extend their policy grace period to a maximum of 90 days upon request.
This premium deferral exception process is available until May 31, 2020.
Who qualifies**?
Your clients can request a deferral of up to 90 days, starting from their first missed premium, if they are
unable to meet their premium commitments due to any of the following reasons:
• They have tested positive for COVID-19, are ill and/or in quarantine
• They are in quarantine due to travel outside of Canada
• They have lost their job, even if temporarily, due to layoffs or shut-downs of non-essential business
• They are caregivers for young children and are impacted by daycare and school closures or are
caring for a family member with COVID-19
** Please note that clients whose policies were issued on or after March 15, 2020 or who own any UL
policies that are not minimum funded or have a loan or are used as collateral for a loan are not eligible for
premium deferral.
How to request a deferral
• For life and living benefits policies, including individually billed GSI cases (e.g. Voluntary, MSO,
etc.), your client must complete and sign the attached Premium Deferral form and email it to us at
• For employer billed GSI cases, please refer to our communication “COVID-19 Update: Extending
our grace period for Guarantee Standard Issue Employer Billed L&H policies” also dated April
7, 2020.